Our Billing Office is open from 8:00 am through 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, to answer any questions concerning a bill.  For questions with billing click here.

Bills are prepared and sent out monthly.  If you are having difficulties with application for benefits see the Billing Clerk.  Explain all delays so that she can assist you in obtaining insurance benefits.  Your finances are confidential and any breach of confidentiality should be reported to the Administrator or your Social Worker.


Medicare is a Federal insurance program for person age 65 and over and persons with certain severe disabilities.  If, after being discharged from at least a three (3) day hospital stay, the person is admitted to a Skilled Nursing Facility within 30 days, Medicare may help pay for care up to 100 days in a benefit period, as long as the resident continues to meet the skilled level of care criteria.

If eligible, Medicare Part A pays the full cost of covered services for the first 20 days.  From the 21st day thru 100th day many supplemental Medicare insurance contracts pays for the co-insurance amount.  If resident does not have a supplemental policy it will be resident or representative responsibility to pay.

Blue Cross/Long Term Care Insurance

Coverage depends on the particular insurance policy, since many policies do not cover skilled or basic extended care.  Certain Blue Cross groups have coverage for extended care if skilled care criteria are met.  Most policies usually cover a limited amount of days.


This is a State program designed to provide health care services to low income persons.  To qualify, criteria for income and savings must be met.  Applications must be filled out for the Family Independence Agency, who then determines eligibility and co-payment, if any, to be paid to the Facility.  For assistance in filling out this application please see the Billing Clerk.  We accept Medicaid Pending if after discussion with family we feel resident is qualified.

Private Pay

A person will be in a private pay program if he/she is not eligible for any kind of insurance coverage.  A private deposit is required.


We accept Veterans contract if resident is qualified.  Referral comes from VA directly and contract is done for each VA resident.

Bed Hold Policy/Leave of Absence

For a temporary absence due to medical reasons, such as a resident’s transfer to the hospital, the facility will allow the resident and/or responsible party the option of having the bed held open while the resident is away from the facility.  Any questions may be addressed by contacting the Billing Department.

Leaves of absence can be for hours, the day, or overnight, If payment source permits.  Note that some insurances have restrictions on leaves of absences from the facility; if further clarification is needed contract the Billing Department.  A 24 to 48 hour notice is recommended so that arrangements can be made for medications and cancellation of meals.