Dementia Unit

Sanilac Medical Care Facility recognizes the right of every individual to live with dignity and experience life with meaning, quality and maximum independence. We are committed to provide those afflicted with progressive dementia (Alzheimer’s or related) with the best possible living environment and the assistance needed for enhanced quality of life. It is cheerful yet calm and soothing with staff who are trained to care for individuals with a dementia diagnosis.

The environment is designed especially for people with dementia. It is homelike, self contained and has specific security features. It has a secured courtyard and wandering areas. The Residents receive structured programming of therapeutic and recreational activities.  The dementia unit has designated dining space, activity and living areas.

Criteria: The individual should have the diagnosis of progressive dementia and must be able to follow simple instructions. The individual must be ambulatory or able to be up in a wheelchair at least 6 hours per day and be able to participate in one of the following: activity programming, behavior management or walking.